Upavas In Full Swing

Style: Twilight Full On || Release Date: 10.8.2013 || Formats: Digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC) “In Full Swing” is my latest Full On Psy Trance Album. Phat bass lines are combined with groovy beats and deep forest elements, such as driving leads and some effects I recorded in nature.

Upavas Yawning

Style: Morning Psy Trance || Mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD) || Label: Icarus Creations || Release Date: 15.03.2011 || Formats: Digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
Driving rhythms, paired with spherical melodies, ideal for sunrise situations and to pick up the dance floor.

Upavas Solar Energy

Style: Ambient Mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD) || Release Date: 1.1.2012 || Formats: Digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
“Solar Energy” is my first interpretation of ambient down tempo electronic music. Deep and majestic synthetic spheres and driving, powerful yet restrained bass lines meet traditional string instruments and more..

Upavas Panick Button

Style: Dark Psy Trance || Mastered by Emiliano Solazzi Label: Warp Brains Records || Release Date: 1.9.2012 || Formats: Digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
Groovy kick and bass combinations are fused with hypnotic atmospheres and glitch effects. This is night Psy Trance, ranging from subtle melodies to more frequency driven elements, also called dark Psy.

Upavas Steam Roller

Style: Full-On Psy Trance || Label: Geomagnetc Records || Release date: 4.5.2010 || Formats: Digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
My first Release, Steamroller is a five track EP, All tracks are hypnotic Full-On Psy Trance with a strong emphasis on groove.

New EP! Upavas " Here and Now "

In Full SwingNew EP out Oct 29th 2014!

"Sangoma Records is happy to announce the EP from its newest family member, Upavas, an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. The name „Upavas“ originates from the Prakrit language, a predecessor to Sanskrit. It refers to a state when one becomes very close to the divine energy that flows deep down in us all. It is this pure and silent space. The title of the EP „Here And Now“ represents the only place where time can be transcended and where „Upavas“ can be realized within you. This EP highlights Upavas’ foresty frequencies, spacious fields of sound meet a strong groovy drive, with underlying positive energy - a true twilight trip mastered by Scorb. Have fun when you dive into his music to the very center of your being."


1. Ballistic Junk
2. Magnetron
3. Modulation Squeaker
4. Maximum
Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP06 Release: Oct 29th 2014 Artwork by: Swaroop Guhatakurta http://www.SGdesigns.co.uk Mastering: Ady (Scorb) @ TRK Mastering


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    Upavas Hauf | Music Production

    I started making electronic music in 2002 and had my first music release in 2010. I produce both ambient and dance music, sometimes I also work for film, doing both production audio and post production sound design.


    Sound Design | Audio Engineering

    If you need an experienced sound designer for audio recording, ADR, Foley, sound editing, sync issues or music production, you will get my professional help for your project until it is ready for 5.1 surround mixing at any pro mixing facility. Please contact me for hourly rates or a quote.  I look forward to perfecting your audio and am not satisfied until you are (within reason).

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    My ambient & chillout music...

    … helps you to relax, unwind, go in, meditate and forget the stress of everyday life.  I like to produce ambient music that goes deep and is smooth, with a cosmic undertone. I invite you to check it out and if you like it, please buy it.


    Psychedelic Trance | Goa

    My own version of Psy/Goa Trance consists of driving rhythms, paired with hypnotic and groovy elements. It is designed to stir the heart and soul. It is a meeting of darkness and light and it comes from the depths of my being. Check out my freebies page for a taste. A full album and some Eps are currently in the works.

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    Book me | License my music

    Please contact me if you would like to book me for a live act performance, DJ set, as sound designer for film and game audio and if you would like to license my music for any commercial project, such as movies, advertisements, game audio or websites. My rates depend on the amount of work involved and the scale of your project, as well as your budget.


    Buy Single Tracks | Full Album

    Here you can buy single tracks from me or whole albums at discounted prices in wav or mp3 format. You won’t find them available for less at any other site. To buy music via my website, please sign up for an account if you don’t have one already, or log in if you have an account.

  • Releases


    Ambient Album | Solar Energy

    Having previously released dance music, “Solar Energy” is my first interpretation of ambient down tempo electronic music Deep and majestic synthetic spheres and driving, powerful yet restrained bass lines meet traditional string instruments, vocals and groovy tribal percussion elements with a strong emphasis on emotion through inspirational melodies.


    Psytrance Album | Steamroller

    My first Release Steamroller is a five track EP, consisting of hypnotic night full on Psy with a strong emphasis on groove.. Original Release Date: May 4, 2010 Label: Geomagnetic Copyright: 2010 Geomagnetic

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    My Music Videos & Visuals

    Check out my music videos. All audio by me (of course), the visuals are from my longtime friend Prem Kundan.


    Sound design example for film

    Shiva is a short film by Tony Dean Smith. I had the pleasure to work on it as production sound mixer, Foley artist and I did the entire post production sound design. I also supervised the mixing of Shiva, which happened at DBC Sound in Vancouver.

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